Friday, May 18, 2012

Blessings & Prayers & Quivers -- Oh my!

God is good.  He has a better plan than anything we can design.

Thirty-three years ago, newly married,  I had this idea of having a baby girl.   Dress her up in pink dresses, little hair bows, teach her good things, and have a friend for life.  

God said, "Hold on, I've got someone who needs you."   So He sent us two boys:  Travis (11) and Joshua (10).   Overnight our lives changed.  Richer.  Deeper!  WOW! 

Three years later, God said again, "There are two more children who need loving parents and a family to surround them with love."  And He sent us Robert (9) and Amber (6).   Incredible!  Amazing! 

Three boys and a girl!   My attitude shifted away from yearning for a baby to being thankful for the children God HAD sent us via adoption.   Busy!  Busy!  Busy!  

Our lives were so enriched by each child who joined our family.  Yes, we went through mega-stuff with them, loads of baggage actually.  And there were days when I wondered: "What in the WORLD is God doing?   Why can't it be easier?"   

One of those bittersweet moments in a mom's life! And, yes, I used those clotheslines!
Two years later God sent us a little boy, our dear Samuel ("God hears")!   He was 22 months old when God added another ("Surprise!!!") blessing ~ Benjamin ("beloved son")!    Are you kidding?  I just could NOT believe how God pulled it off.   Unreal but oh-so-wonderful!

Imagine the thrill when I learned (at age 38) that I was going to have another baby (at that point I didn't care if "it' was a boy or a girl--I felt so BLESSED to be having a THIRD baby!!!)...and then arrived a pink package.  A daughter, Allison ("truth")!  All those years earlier, a prayer .... one I'd given up on--yet so graciously answered!   

And answered in SUCH a way!   Who knew 33 years ago?   O, Lord.  I am blessed to have a faithful daughter alongside me when I'm (ahem!) "old" and the house is so empty after all those years with all those children running in and out, mouths to feed, laundry to fold, fingerprints on the windows!

How she cheers me with her sunny smile and her warm heart!   Did I think about THAT 33 years ago when my ideas revolved around the cute baby-girl clothes, the bonnets, the baby gear, the nursery painted girlishly pink?   Nope! 

But God knew!  Right up to the exact second, right down to the smallest molecule of essence in my beingGod knew EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED and WHEN I'd need it the most.   His timing--as always--is exactly perfect!

My five sons are such a source of pride to me, and my daughters bring me great joy!

Oh, but WAIT, dear friends.     

There also arrived more arrows in our quiver:  grandchildren!!!  Anthony, Zack, Katelynn, Onika, and Carter.  Three boys and two girls.  So far. 

Please rejoice with me as I give thanks to God for the many wonderful blessings He has so GENEROUSLY showered on me and our family over the years! 

"Unless the LORD builds the house, 
it's builders labor in vain.
Sons are a heritage from the LORD, 
children a reward from Him.
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior 
are sons born in one's youth.
Blessed is the man whose quiver 
is full of them."
Psalm 127