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Losing + Eating = Healthy

P.S.  Apparently I never published this article, I just found it in my blog DRAFTS folder.  I know, I know!  A bit dated, because we're nicely settled in our new-to-us home in Minnesota now--I wrote this while we were in the throes of moving from West Virginia in mid-2014.  The info is timeless so is still helpful!


I started off this year by winning a "biggest loser" contest with some other homeschooling moms (whoohooo!  I lost 12 pounds!!).

So, I was pumped to keep up my losing streak.  If you know what I mean.   Unfortunately winter weather and cold temps kind of hampered my exercising efforts.   As my attempts at getting out and walking fell off, my willpower kind of faded away, too.    And with that fading, pounds re-appeared.   No longer lost, but found.  And not in a good way.   Accccch!

So.  Here I am { one-third of the way through summer and } staring at this flubbery belly of mine and disgusted with myself and how quickly I fell back to my old habits.  

On top of this in-active lifestyle, my schedule changed AND we're staring straight into the barrel of "moving" cross-country (again!).   I guess if you're going to mess things up, that's one way to do it!   

Moving (again!) means I'm doing another decluttering sweep through every crevice and closet in our home.  I've already weeded through my cookbooks (oh no!), but this morning I tackled my recipe files.  This is where I file magazine-clipped recipes.  I came across a few treasures during this "exercise" which really tie into my DETERMINATION to get back to my healthier choices for eating and exercise.

So, permit me to share these little treasures.   I don't know about you, but I need these kind of reminders at eye-level (on the fridge) where I/eye can't miss seeing them and being REMINDED (daily or hourly) when I go foraging!  

I'm putting this in the "Printable" tab up top ^^ for your use and linking it right >> here << .   { If I could figure out how to make an Excel worksheet into an image I'd insert it--and I just might do that (check the bottom of this article for updates). }  Anyway---I might not leave it posted forever, so print or save it now while you have the time/chance.    Feel free to share and use whenever you go shopping!   

The first ten foods on the list are considered to be the Top 10 Healthiest Foods*.  They are or may have/be . . .  

  • good/excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals, nutrients 
  • high in phytonutrients & anti-oxidant compounds (Vit A & E & beta carotene)
  • low in calorie density = larger portion/fewer calories
  • readily available
  • help reduce the risk of heart disease and other health conditions
*this info came from our health insurer's monthly newsletter (circa 2009) - remember I mentioned I clip magazine articles?  Franciscan-Skemp Hospital, La Crosse WI

The second part of the list includes seasonings or sauces that help to jump-start your metabolism--so don't forget to spice things up a bit!  That list came from our Biggest Loser group facilitator.

Then you'll find the "Healthy Eating Shopping List."  Cut this part off and laminate it to keep with your shopping coupons as a REMINDER of what to put in your shopping cart--prevent last minute shopping brain strain!   I compiled this list over several years and from sources that are lost to the mists of antiquity!   

Last but not least ... some words of wisdom about "food" from the ultimate source of wisdom: God's Word.   These are all from the Old Testament book of Proverbs.   

[S]he who works [her] land 
will have abundant food. 

Do not love sleep 
or you will grow poor;
stay awake 
and you will have food to spare!

In the house of the wise 
are stores of choice food and oil.

[The wife of noble character] 
brings her food from afar...
She gets up while it is still dark
and provides food for her family.
31: 14 & 15

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